Fruit orchards are one of the areas with great potential to operate in the regions of our country.

This is due to the fact that our republic is considered the most favorable climate zone for gardening in the world.

“FRUİT AQRO” LLC is a company established based on the principles of sustainable development for the production and processing of agricultural products of our coutnry, with the aim of developing the horticultural sector and strengthening local production capacity.

At present, the main goal of the company is to produce environmentally friendly fruit aimed at domestic and foreign markets and to form a modern sales concept.

FRUIT AQRO, with the support of a strong staff, enriches the supply of products for foreign and domestic markets by organizing the production and sale of various types of fruits that are qualitatively improved based on modern technologies and resistant to biological and environmental factors.

Our company cooperates with a number of government agencies, foreign companies and international experts in the field of horticulture.

“FRUIT AQRO” LLC is a promising company engaged in the production and sale of quality, healthy fruit in the country in the near future and will achieve its goals as soon as possible.


Our main mission is to grow ecologically clean and high-quality organic fruit. We care about your health first and foremost, and therefore provide you only with organic products.

In order to achieve our mission, we fully control the quality level of our products and make sure we provide a healthy life and a healthy future!